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Custom Legend of Zelda Relic Nintendo 64 - Created by Vadu Amka

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Q: Hello! <3 I noticed you ship everyone, but you say that your OTP is RobRae. I was wondering if you could help convince me to ship them too! My OTP is RobStar and they're both my favourite characters, so when I see RobRae it makes me a little sad. I want to be able to love them as a ship too, but I just don't. D: I do love their relationship as they understand each other so well, but I don't have any fluffy ship feeIs. If you can convince me to have RobRae feels I would greatly appreciate it! :]


well i don’t want to force or convince you, but i’ll tell why they’re my top OTP c: (also i still ship robstar too! they’re cuties)

  • in season 5, the episode “Go!” shows how they all met each other and became a team


this is when they first met her, she thought they wouldn’t want her around, but robin saw the good in her from the start, even touching her shoulder, raven seems to be the one who would reject touch, but she didn’t, and she didn’t even know him, and some fans say robin was never a touchy-feely guy but he did do little things like touch raven’s shoulder’s to comfort her, and she was okay with his touch

  • image

this is just a cute little thing, but when she says ‘cool’ she blushes which is super adorable

  • the way he looked at her after he caught her
  • when he grabbed her hand JUST LOOK AT THIS JUST AW
  • this is a good moment to represent the ship, in this scene he told raven that she was the reason he had hoped, and kept on hoping, even when it seemed hope would be lost, because she was told she was supposed to be evil and did everything she could to be good, that’s why he was able to keep hoping in ‘the end’
  • when she fell to the ground and he went over and lifted her head and this moment is not just a robrae moment for me because of how he shows his concern, but also the whole team show their care and concern in this scene
  • in this scene, she’s looking over at him, she wanted to escape the part of the old library because she didn’t want them to know what was going on to protect them, robin is the one that notices she runs off and he goes after her again showing his care and concern
  • this next moment i don’t have a gif of, but in “birthmark” after her freak out because of the surprise party, robin follows he into the hall because he’s concerned for her and wants to know what’s wrong and says “you’ve been inside my mind, now let me inside yours” and she says “you know me better than anyone, and you know there’s parts of my mind that you shouldn’t go, where no one should go.”
  • when raven goes to robin’s side while fighting terra in aftershock
  • this is my favorite robrae moment out of all of them. cyborg and stafire say ‘raven that was…unbelievable’ and she said “no it wasn’t somebody believed" robin’s belief in hopes that she could defeat trigon is what helped her in the end, the whole time she felt no one could, but robin kept hoping, and i think that’s what got her through
  • now i do understand why people see it as a brother-sister friendship because of this scene, but still, at that time when she was reformed into a younger raven, and couldn’t remember anything, she still had trust in robin. later on in her young form, when she does remember, just before she defeats trigon, robin falls and she runs over to him saying “robin! get up! please get up!” because she really cares for him and depends on him
they have many other little moments throughout the series too.
the reason i ship robrae as my otp, is because they show care for each other so much, more than the other ships in the series. They have a great emotional bond, it’s unique and special. I think robin may have more of an emotional bond to raven than he does starfire, or anyone else. I also think raven has a more emotional bond to robin than anyone else. I think they just really care and look out for each other and i love that so much about them.

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