Researchers in Scotland claim that satellite image has revealed Nessie


A strange shadowy form spotted using Apple’s satellite map app has Loch Ness Monster believers convinced that the sea monster has been found.

Read the Daily Telegraph story here


  Selene, Jules Louis Machard



this might go over the heads of some of the kids on here. 



I’m giving this to my history teacher

Today is the day


This is such an important yet underrated scene.

Home-mades, Stanislava Pinchuk

Home-made tattoos for friends & friends of friends, playing with memory, space & geography turned back on the body, all completed as trades.

  1. Wildflower with galaxy spores: traded for tailoring
  2. Australian native lilacs & wildflowers: traded for a house-plant & a necklace
  3. Orion’s belt, drawn from memory: traded for dinner 
  4. L: Twin Branches: traded for a wallet & necklaceR: A map of the NYC high line from memory: traded for the most amazing crystal
  5. Shield (Constellation): traded for house plants
  6. Solar Eclipse: traded for dinner
  7. L: Constellation (Diamond): traded for a drawingR: Wolf with a city on its back: traded for a drawing
  8. L: A map within a firework exploding, marking north, Berlin, Vancouver & Melbourne in its rays, brother & sister before parting again: traded for whiskeyR: Twin Branches (Constellation): traded for a drawing 
  9. L: Constellation like mountain: traded for home-cookingR: Twin Branches: traded for whiskey
  10. A map of 4 cities between Melbourne (Constellation): traded for a drawing 


I bought another Ewa Michalak bra yesterday, Brava had them in 28FF’s which I thought would be way too tight on me as EM bras I find tend to run tighter in the band but it fits really well. Really not my usual colour choice but it’s gorgeous, definitely a brand I’ll be buying more from.